Jimmy Chan, 1999 Craft Fair

Our company is best known for our sweet potato and taro chips. The birth of these delectable chips began through the aspirations of entrepreneur Jimmy Chan and inspiration from Emeril Lagasse's cooking show. From dream to conception, Jimmy's relentless pursuit to find the best cooking method and perfect balance of spices has made our sweet potato and taro chips a favorite snack in Hawaii.

Only the highest quality Okinawan sweet potatoes and taro grown on the Big Island and Oahu's North Shore and golden sweet potatoes grown on Molokai are used to make our gourmet chips. By using only the freshest and highest quality produce we are able to consistently offer you the best sweet potato and taro chips on the market. If you don't believe us, try a bag for yourself - you will notice the difference.

With the market currently demanding healthier foods, we strive to keep our chips as natural as possible. We use canola oil, which is trans-fat free. In addition, our cooking process allows us to minimize the amount of sodium without sacrificing flavor and it allows us to keep our chips preservative-free. We don't want you to worry about your health when you "inadvertently" munch away a whole bag.

Over the years we have developed five tempting flavors for our chips: Original (lightly salted), Zesty Garlic, Kiawe BBQ, Kilauea Fire, and Sugar Coated.

We are sure you will find a favorite to satisfy your cravings!

Our company is also known for our line of BBQ and hot sauces. It all began in late 2008 with our Kilauea Fire BBQ Sauce. Our unique Kilauea Fire blend of seasonings gives this BBQ sauce a spicy kick! It's great as a marinade for beef, chicken and pork, and can be used as a dipping sauce or drizzled over any dish.

After learning that our customers enjoyed using the spicy BBQ sauce as a hot sauce, Jimmy went back to the kitchen and developed the Kilauea Fire Hot Sauce. It's spicier and less sweet than the Kilauea Fire BBQ Sauce.

We further expanded our line of sauces to include The Raging Volcano Hot Sauce, which is a vinegar-based hot sauce and the spiciest hot sauce that we make! Use it to spice up your favorite local-style plate lunch or dish.

The newest addition to our family of sauces is the Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce. It has the same great flavor as the Kilauea Fire BBQ Sauce, but without the heat.

Keep an eye out for possible new flavors and products in the upcoming year!

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