Menehune MacHand-Crafted Hawaiian Chocolates, Made in Hawaii!

Menehune Mac uses the highest quality ingredients (like 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts) and is committed to following the time-honored tradition of hand-making our products. It's the same way our confections were produced when our company started in 1939, and we think it's that little extra dose of love and attention that makes all the difference!

Founded in 1939, Menehune Mac is the oldest existing manufacturer of macadamia nut candies in Hawaii. Our mission is to produce the finest quality confections and deliver top-notch customer service to our clients around the world. Our exclusive blend of chocolate, Menehune Milk Chocolate, is produced by the famed Guittard Chocolate Company in San Francisco.

At this time, our chocolates are available in-store only!

Due to the warm weather, we are unable to ship chocolates at this time. All chocolate products are available for purchase in our retail store at 1928 Republican Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819. Please check back in October!

This collection does not contain any products.

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