PIDGINMOJI Provides Your Fortune In Pidgin With New Fortune Cookies

NORTH SHORE, HI — July 20th, 2021

Today is National Fortune Cookie Day and the future looks bright according to PIDGINMOJI ( founder, Ka‘ohele Carlos, who launched the company's PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies with all 150 fortunes written in Pidgin.

The PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies go on sale starting today at Hawaiian Chip Company located at 1928 Republican St, Honolulu, HI 96819. Carlos is also in discussions with other Hawaiʻi stores and restaurants to bring the entertaining and tasty treat to a wider audience across the islands.

"As Hawaiʻi emerges from the global pandemic, I wanted to introduce  some levity back into our lives." explains Carlos. "Not only are these fortune cookies onolicious, reading the fortunes in Pidgin is just plain 'good fun'!" Examples of fortunes include:

"Keep yo’ eyes on da stars and yo’ slippahs on da ground."
"Psst, psst… show lilibit aloha today and choke aloha going come back. Fo’ real!"
"Get two rules fo’ success. #1: Nevah reveal everyt’ing you know."
"You bus’ laugh now, try wait until you get home."
"Whatchu mean da glass half empty or full? Da glass is refillable."

The fortune cookies are made in Hawaiʻi and the fortune writers are all local people. "As an Oʻahu based business, it was important for us to support other local businesses and entrepreneurs." emphasizes Carlos.

In addition to the snack, PIDGINMOJI is also expanding its apparel line to include all 150 fortunes in Pidgin as t-shirts available at:

Fans of the PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies can also wear their favorite phrases such as:


"Lucky you live Hawai‘i! No need fortune, you. How much mo’ lucky can get?"
"Mo’ bettah you run now befo’ dey catch you!"
"’Ey!!! No shame… go talk story wit’ dat babe. Get chance!"
"Live aloha and no talk stink, den good t’ings going come to you."
"Easy, brah! Grab somebody special and head fo’ da country. Going be all good."

PIDGINMOJI started as a mobile app that Carlos created with assistance from his brother, Kamalu Alameida. They grew up on the North Shore of Oʻahu where Pidgin was so commonplace, they consider it their first language. Pidgin was made an official dialect of Hawai‘i in 2015 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Last year Carlos expanded the company’s offering to sell Pidgin phrases on apparel at

Selling fortune cookies in local stores is the next move to grow PIDGINMOJI into a lifestyle brand. "I created PIDGINMOJI as a means of connecting people" reveals Carlos. "The first thing you do after opening a fortune cookie and reading a good fortune is share it with a friend so this is the perfect way for people in Hawai‘i to bond through their shared love of food and the language that connects us all, Pidgin."

To purchase the fortune cookies on the Hawaiian Chip Company website, please click here.



PIDGINMOJI brings the Pidgin language that originated in Hawai‘i’s 19th century sugar plantation communities into our current era with mobile apps, apparel and now fortune cookies infused with the language of Pidgin. PIDGINMOJI connects people from all cultures by incorporating Pidgin - the beloved dialect of Hawai‘i - into their digital and physical products. For more information on the PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies, apparel line and mobile apps, visit

PIDGINMOJI was started by Ka‘ohele Carlos with assistance from with his brother, Kamalu Alameida, in 2017. Mr. Carlos, who graduated from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, currently works at Amazon as a Senior Design Leader for the Prime Video streaming service. Before being recruited by Amazon, he was at CBS where he created the direct-to-consumer streaming subscription app, CBS All Access, and grew it to over $1 billion in annual revenue. Prior to his tenure with CBS, he was instrumental in launching the startup Fandango before it was acquired by Comcast, where he helped grow the service to 36 million monthly moviegoers. When Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone to the world on stage, he demonstrated the Fandango experience that Mr. Carlos created. This wealth of knowledge has come full circle and back to the islands with the PIDGINMOJI lifestyle brand.

The PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies, PIDGINMOJI mobile apps and PIDGINMOJI apparel line are part of PIDGINMOJI LLC.

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Ka‘ohele Carlos


Photo of PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies by JOSS