Dining Out A La Carte: Endless Flavor Combinations


Hawaiian Chip Company first started serving up its iconic purple Okinawan sweet potato chips 21 years ago in Ziploc bags for sale at local swap meets.

These chips were, and remain, distinguishable from other similar products on the market because they are seasoned with signature flavors like Zesty Garlic, Kiawe BBQ and Kilauea Fire. These distinct flavor combinations eventually inspired a line of hot sauces, including the headlining Kilauea Fire Hot Sauce.

Hawaiian taro and kettle-style potato chips

By mixing and matching different flavors in an array of combinations, Hawaiian Chip Company has created seemingly endless possibilities over the past two decades. The local business is also collaborating with Menehune Mac on a snack and gift center in Kalihi that showcases specialty chips and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, as well as a variety of popular locally made products like okoshi, party mix, cookies and “Pidginmoji” fortune cookies.

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